Friday, October 12, 2012

Buffon's Needle

Buddy, one of our Boston Terriers passed away this morning. He had been showing the signs of age this past week. It was as if all his years all caught up to him at once. He came into the kitchen, as usual, to have coffee and a smoke with JoJo and I at 0400. He curled up in his little bed and died. Like all things with him, he did it with kindness to us and much consideration to be sure and to not make a fuss.
We buried him out back so that he can watch the house and keep an eye on JoJo while she gardens..which he always did so well.  

I have been sampling the cigarillo world--what with the change in my smoking protocols due to the living on retirement income test we are under.
It is actually working well--smoking less and enjoying it more as they say..the most recently ordered variety is TUSKER...looking forward to trying these when they arrive. A side benefit of smoking cigarillo's is putting to use the unique little boxes or tins that they are packaged in..and enjoying the artwork on the packaging. 

I do, I hate being right--there is a recent article in the Atlantic magazine with a map of the United States, displaying the income inequality between the rich and the rest of us in America.............a subject of which i have written on extensively and often. 

The unusual thing about this map is that it then equates the inequality of income in that particular American town or area to which third world country has the same LEVEL of income inequality between citizens....for example income inequality in NYC equals the ratio of income inequality in Swaziland! Swaziland also holds the record for the world's shortest average lifespan's but i'm sure the good ole'USA is working at winning that one too. Chicago a bit better at El Salvador levels...and so on. So much of what is believed about our country, about what is important to address, and on who we are is propaganda put out from both Fox news and the pulpit and in America now there is really no difference between the two. 
What we really are is a Swaziland filled with nukes, religious zealots, and incapable leadership----the regular world see's this and fears us as you would an 8 year old with a handgun. 

50.5 miles per gallon averaged this 380 standard mile work commute week. The Prius is just short of turning 100,000 miles without a problem. Every Capitalist in the business of making huge, disposable SUV's, and any and all Oil Baron's can bite me-----------

Why the hell did i not think of this---an article on how to carry multiples of those heavy grocery store plastic bags by looping them through a large Carabiner---I am going to try this since I have a rather large supply of big carabiners and doing away with the loss of blood supply to the fingers after grocery shopping cannot help but be a good thing.....these kinds of solutions to common problems are staring us in the face---it is just hard to recognize solutions when the world around broadcasts so much noise.

The link below leads to an article on the 8 most useless, does not work, pieces of exercise equipment ever made. Nothing but advertising....
A friend of mine used to say " I love my bowflex--a great place to hang clothes in the bedroom." 

A group in Germany(?) has built an outdoor enclosure for chimps that were released, some after 30 years, of being laboratory test animals. They were never outside before, spending their lives in 5' by 5' cages. We humans would of course become psychotic and about what they do on being able to go outside for the first time---
We humans are sick fucks forcing this kinda thing on animals....sick.

"Conservatives are not necessarily stupid, but most stupid people
are conservatives."
John Stuart Mill

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David Scott said...

I meant to also tell you that I am sorry for your lost.