Friday, October 05, 2012

Jones Polynomial

51.2 miles per gallon this week as the Prius turned 99,000 miles. Not bad and as always George Bush and the other oil barons can bite me.
I had quite a collection of unusual news stories to link to here this week but after collecting them---i really didn't want to post them---it just felt better to write---it just felt good write about the stupid things i am doing....I am currently reading an SF novel Faith, JoJo and I are lost in streaming Stargate Universe from netflicks--(yes i know it's old and been canceled but what do we care)---- I am surviving work but with new rules I have written on below.
JoJo and I now have new hard working solar panels on the roof--finally---and all in all my personal, little world is not to,too bad. The outside world---now that's fucked.

This weekend I am planning on aging and applying patina to the white plastic, faux ivory grips i have on my Star S pistol. With these type grips the result is dependent upon the plastic used in their construction but----the process is to cook up a pot of very, very strong tea...add a handful of tobacco--stir---add grips---soak for 3 days...If one is lucky the plastic absorbs the tinting of the tea and tobacco and the grips--- none the worse for wear acquire that slightly stained, light tan coloring of old, used, ivory. I hope i get lucky, i am planning on carrying this pistol a great deal over this winter.

I just received a re-supply of cigarillo's. I am trying a different brand on each order to determine which i may prefer. This order i went with Gran Habano cigarillo's. To tell you the truth they were on a great sale...can't lie about that...and right at the moment i know nothing about them...

I also ordered a cigarillo box, with holds more than a day's quantity, and actually has a humidifier built into it--yet it is small enough to fit in a coat or jacket pocket. Bond, James Bond.

After a few years of sanity at work in regards to the dress code---a  Hitler leader is wishing to Fuhrer over the masses attired alike in coats, ties and slacks. Whereas previously i could wear BDU pants, boots and warm outerwear in the winter---once again the concept of---- it is better to look good than to be good--- has risen from the ashes. It is impossible for me to attempt reach inside the small minds who demand everyone look the same----- to attempt to understand if there is actually a truth behind this concept, which i cannot grasp from out here.

But i digress---This random, personality based rule change costs everyone money---immaterial to those in charge, but still this has required a complete change of equipment carried, method of carriage and so on. Luckily Job requirement costs are immune from the retirement budget experiment, explained below...I decided i would fight back by adhering to the new rules---but only to the letter of them by developing a style I call, old white guy raids Samuel Jackson's leather sport coat, black tie, blue black shirts only, black slacks, black backwards beret for a hat...and of course the white old, fat, white Samuel Jackson is what they are going to get and it follows their rules to the letter-----Snakes on a mother-fucking plane is going to appear monday.......

We began our retirement budget living experiment Oct 1st. We set up a process where we removed from budgeting materials and expenses required by my still working day to day....such as commuting gasoline, lunch, vehicle maintained, work clothing requirements and so forth. We now are tabulating income and outgo based on projected retirement salary and required expenses based on the retirement scenario.

We are lucky in some respects that years ago we began the cutback to a more realistic lower income lifestyle--we have no cable bill, we hardly ever travel for vacations but if we do we camp out of the VW camper...we rarely eat going out to the movies...we do no Christmas capitalism whatsoever, we have already reduced housing and debt. Our biggest cutback has been smoking---which we both love and can give the Russian's a run for their money at --- so reduction in smoking expense and spending on both of our hobbies is the major adjustment we are currently attacking.

 JoJo is smoking nothing but home made cigarettes--and I am smoking a combination of self-rolled cigarettes separated by the occasional Cigarillo---both of these actions appear to have satisfied our human tobacco total tobacco expense yesterday during work was $1.48....which i would expect to cut completely in half if i was at home,retired and away from the stress of work which in and of itself creates an environment requiring additional smoking. My total personal expenditure this week(outside of work requirements)  was $6.50..
When retired and capable of cutting out 2nd mobile phones, 2nd car expenses, clothing requirements, and so forth my first thoughts are that we can make it--with even to spare all little for the occasional minor luxuries to feed our individual peccadillo's. 

This is the last posting on this blog regarding military modeling projects of mine---Oz, Bruce and I (the 3 armored nerds) are attempting to form a group of military plastic modelers to meet up twice a month at the local Starbucks--we've created a blog hoping to allow anyone else in the local area to find us and join in with us at
I will now be posting information on both my individual and the groups work on that site. If you've been interested at all in my little modeling section will be the place to find my works in progress from now on. An interesting after the fact is that our group held it's first little meeting this Wednesday night at a local Starbucks and it was great, totally me it was a small sample of how a good retired life could be made...we sat, talked modeling and military history, and drank coffee---this was the way my mind constructed spending positive time with others in retirement-----our little meeting gave me hope for the future and i want more experiences like this one. 

"If you put the federal government in charge of the Sahara Desert,
in 5 years there'd be a shortage of sand.

Milton Friedman


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Great post enjoyed reading it.- good luck on your preps for retrperiment. - life has a way of surprising you when you least expect it. - what can I say but famous last words usually is " oh shit"

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