Saturday, November 17, 2012

Tautochrone Problem

Vacation ends---nothing to see here---move along---reading, computing, thinking-----cleaning and organizing---smoking--writing. 

Oklahoma State Representative and religious fundamentalist,  Mike Ritze spent 3 years and $10,000 to put up a stone monument of the 10 Commandments in front of the Oklahoma State Capitol building--- the recently finished monument has two misspelled words.....Why is it that this seems to make some type of incredibly bizarre perfect sense?

Three days out from returning to work I am already preparing myself. I have cleaned and reorganized everything i use personally for work--all my EDC gear, laptop, shoes. Sharpened the knives i carry on a daily basis and cleaned my Conceal Carry firearms. In the next few days I will have washed, cleaned and organized the Prius for the commute......
I've purchased new equipment (see below), it makes the return to the work--sleep--work--- cycle less painful for unknown reasons to bear new gear on my first day back...we humans are senseless in many ways. But it is true and it does work for me. I cannot resist this process...I prepare to return to work as if I was jumping out of an aircraft into hostile territory. It is my personal method of survival against the......... out there....

Once again I am attempting to acquire the art of shaving with a straight razor. 

I am hoping that my difficulty in acquiring this skill falls within a lack of information category and not within fear or poor coordination classifications. Hopefully my current reading---"The Art of Shaving", a reprinted book from the 19th century, may provide the application technique information I am missing. I would so like to free myself from the corporate disposable razor demon and become independent in this area. I did purchase on Amazon a double edged safety razor and 100 blades all for a total of $15.00 (no shipping).

I am hoping that the safety razor and blades will cover me for the time it takes to understand and attain competency at the straight edge...but if i never do attain that competency the safety razor cost alternative is an excellent possibility. 

A new watch--an Omax H003 analog. A 50mm diameter face, all black cosmetics and priced at $22.00 on Amazon I could not resist. I really know very little about this timepiece I think it is Eastern European, Romanian or Bulgarian---Russian watches that I once prized for their low price range and quality are now out of reach in is everything eh?  I am therefore experimenting with inexpensive watches from unknown sources--a crap shoot for sure but still----with my increasing expertise in maintaining watches I have a greater sense of confidence. 

I required a change in how I carry both my daily personal equipment, my laptops and my firearm(s) in regards to work and my daily commute. Returning to a suit dress code at work has eliminated carrying a backpack. Rebuilding my IBM Thinkpad has made me wish to carry it for daily personal business, which in turn, will require a larger briefcase type bag. 
I am switching to a Galati Gear, Concealment Attache Case for EDC at work.
Large enough to carry my ThinkPad as well as daily personal and emergency supplies The Concealment Attache also has a concealed compartment for the carriage of a small handgun. What the world doesn't know won't hurt it.

"People who enjoy meetings should not 
be in charge of anything."
Thomas Sowell

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David Scott said...

As much as I like my iPad it does come up short for real writing and computing. Consequently I have been searching for a either a 13" Mac or laptop. Just as long as it is lightweight.- brother you have a lot more control than I did when working among the work Zombies. If I carried a pistola
I would be too often tempted.- stay cool