Friday, May 20, 2011

Work, read, sleep, work repeat x 5 this week---
If not for our little homestead and my wondrous wife i would go insane....

We are eating full salads out of the garden now--JoJo has been working so hard fighting our lack of rain here in New Mexico--almost 10 months now without rain and the march winds are still blowing at the end of May---the rest of the country is flooding and we cannot get a drop---but thanks to my wife, the ultimate gardener---we are again enjoying fresh produce---our corn and potatoes show proof of life and hopefully will produce---but tomato's and peppers are dying and suffering in our area. This year i am very thankful that we are not yet dependent on our garden for all our food or to supply us through the winter---dependence on what an individual or a family produces is coming, make no mistake and this year has displayed to me how difficult that can be in our least we are doing much better than many other gardeners in the area...although that is little consolation.

Political love children, European power brokers attacking maids in their hotel rooms, the elite class is really working hard for us---no pun intended---I guess this is what is meant by trickle down ? We haven't even started the 2012 campaign yet which is really a race to see which republican candidate can keep their zipper zipped the longest....The economy has split in two with a depression economy which we regular people must live in, and an elite economy where the rich trade stocks and speak of the recovery.

If I see one of these "I'll be raptured on May 21st assholes" walking around on Sunday--does that mean that they are spiritual zombies and need to be dealt with?

I am a huge fan of little houses--micro houses i suppose you might call them...our homestead house is 1200 sq feet, but compared to the cube project our small house is a much space do you really need when it comes down to it?

The cube is constructed of currently available materials and products that are totally recycled and carbon neutral---solar roof panels provide necessary power and it is transportable by truck to where ever you wish to live---the entire cube fully equipped cost $52,000. Hit the link for an excellent video tour by the designer...why should anyone be homeless other than through the greed of bankers?

I so desire one of these Killspencer backpack's---I'll just have to save---very beaucoup expensive...but very hipster survivalist. Actually handmade in America---Take a look---

A child of five would understand this. Send someone to fetch a child of five.
Groucho Marx

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David Scott said...

It has become more obvious to me as time goes by that we are becoming more and more a nation of haves and have-nots.

Our politicans argue over whether they should drop the incentives that big oil is given and to tax the big bussiness. We the have-not's continued to pay for what our nations does in foreign wars that we have no bussiness in.

Again as I have said perhaps the anarchist are right. Take to the streets.