Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Throwing away a half-smoked cigarette is now considered an ostentatious display of wealth...if i get called in from a smoke break i cut the lit end off with my pocket knife saving as much cigarette as possible---only convicts and hobo's used to do this.....

My wife bought us one of those big bags of peanut M&M's as a treat the other day---the candies were all about the size of my pinkie nail---shrunken peanut M&M's are a sign of the end times....

Only we geezers quote Monty Python anymore.

About removing the outside rear view mirrors on my Prius to increase my mileage.

You notice rich people now, and know they are rich, when they are out and about in public.
Soon we will be hunting them.

More people are gardening---and not because they want to as a hobby but rather because of the price of fresh vegetables.

The Post office will soon be gone. Being a postman was considered a really good job when i was a kid...You were somebody important to the neighborhood...

Planetary bargains is an excellent online store--they actually wrote me when they got an XL
t-shirt that i wanted in stock ! How about that! Anyway I had to have this T shirt displayed below...

This week's reading was SOFT APOCALYPSE by Will McIntosh---Excellent--just excellent. This novel amazingly produces, in print, my own personal vision of the end of our society---not with a bang as in so many other books---but with a whimper----where leaving your porch light on at night is a purposeful display of wealth. It is the story of a group of normal people trying to survive first an economic crash and then a complete social crash over the course of multiple years. I have to admit that Soft Apocalypse is so good that it and THE ROAD have been the only end of everything books that have actually disturbed me while i was reading them----this is a well written book that gets you truly interested in the characters and you hope for them......I recommend.

In ordering firearms supplies the other day I remembered to purchase Glaser safety slugs for my ankle .32 auto. They are expensive but I'd been meaning to get some of these forever and consistently overlooked having to do this. Glaser Safety slugs force multiply the effect of any handgun caliber---especially smaller calibers like my .32 auto and prevent over penetration of your target at the same time. I really don't know how many people (other than me) carry Glaser's any longer---they are a use product of my generation..perhaps....
The Glaser safety slug first came to wide public attention in the excellent Michael Mann cult film, Manhunter, based on the novel Red Dragon by Thomas Harris. Michael Mann's films always display realism when it comes to firearms and their use....In MANHUNTER, FBI serial Killer specialist 'Will Graham' uses a Charter Arms .44 special revolver loaded with Glaser safety slugs, issued to him by the FBI hostage rescue team, against the physically powerful psychotic Francis Dollarhyde...

these things will kick your ass

Only the educated are free.

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David Scott said...

There are a lot of things that define me as a gezzer. but in some ways I am guite with it.

I means my Grandkids point out that I wear sag-down pants I just wait until they are out of sight to pull up my pants and re-hook my suspenders.

When I was growing up we ate beans and potatoes 6 nights a week and considered a can chicken a luxury.

I worry that I haven't prepared my children for hard times. I know that my wife and I can get by. I know how to forarge to cut polk salad and prepare it. Hogs run wild and or considered a nusiance but they make mighty good eating the fact that I Know how to field dress a hog and cut him up.
Well I hope my family will always have food on the table I just worry about them know how to feed themselfs if I am not there.