Saturday, June 20, 2009

I have not gotten used to having only two days off in a week. So much to do, so lttle time.
If i was retired our house would be a showcase...but with ony 48 hours in a week that you personally own there is not really alot you
can accomplish to the levels i want. I keep telling myself
game not in paddle, game in you.

NYC has done something truly cool. They took an old elevated train track system called the High Line and instead of tearing it down, the city has turned it into a walking park landscaped with beautiful bushes, flowers, trees and rare plants. Hit the link below for an explanation of the concept and a tremendous slide show projecting the finished product in use.
Only one small section has opened so far it's just beautiful...what a wonderful re-use of a unused, bypassed structure for the public good. It is this kind of thinking we so desperately need in our country. I'm so glad to see chokes me up.

This should work out really well for all of us:
Scientists have re-animated bacteria (Herminiimonas glaciei) which has been frozen in the Greenland ice for 120,000 years.
I know these guys don't date but if you don't date you have had to watch science fiction movies, right? I mean have these guys not seen THE THING? The first rule of Arctic science is that you never, never, never, ever reanimate anything you find in the ice!!
Here's a guy who's hobby is smiling and waving at passing cars from the sidewalk at an intersection
in Maryland.
He's been doing this just to make people feel better during their desperate auto-prison commute for 20 years. TWENTY YEARS.
Including holidays like Thanksgiving and Christman. Now how cool and zen like is this? I really like this guy... he sort of gives me hope for our society......It started years ago while walking his dog he would stop and wave at the special education bus and let the kids pet his dog and the dog would do tricks for the kids. Once his dog passed away he just decided everyone needed a smile and a wave and began to give everyone driving by a good start on the day.
But then again
(then again always then again isn't there?)
You might be a Female, Florida, Redneck if:
When they try to take your beer away in Walmart's Auto Shop waiting room you start going ape shit, fight two employee's--and rip the pay phone off the wall and go directly to jail.
Now that's a real Amurican little gal, got-demmit!
I swear to Buddha who could make this kind of shit up.
Sarah Palin's probably already calling her to be the new and improved, 2012 Joe the Plumber, on the campaign trail with her.
WalMart the ultimate shopping experience...and we invented it.

This past week we switched to the most basic cable TV service we can get...My wife and I did 11 years without TV altogether so this is no big deal. We did this for several reasons--first and foremost-- There is absolutely nothing other than True Blood, that's worthwhile on the whole damn cable system---the only thing i even cared about with True Blood is getting an answer to my question from the end of last season which is---------
WTF was the smoking hot woman doing naked in the road with THE PIG??
Other reasons included economics (why pay for absolute shit?) and a purposeful shift from any type of standard cultural patterns that is expected helps us grow as a people.
NETFLICKS has seemingly taken the place of cancelled cable and has become the answer for me right now.
Quick--no hassle--computerized---no crap or reruns unless you want them--lots and lots of TV series on DVD. NETFLICKS---like CLOVERFIELD will probably kill everything in it's path when it comes to video.

Wash your car even if it's going to rain, stop watching cable news--there's really no substance there just disturbing material and talking heads...scratch yourself where it itches...

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