Thursday, June 11, 2009

A good positive attitude is driving on, a few small cracks here and there...but is good. I've been laughing my ass off about Sarah Palin's phony outrage over a, let's face it, great joke by Dave her daughters have no possibility of getting knocked up eh? I hope she stays totally out in front of the Republican drives even minimally intelligent, undecided voters to our side simply out of pure FEAR of her.

You can find art in the strangest places---humans naturally make art out of anything...
The best and worst cities in the world listed out--we in the US come in around the number 30-40 point...nothing higher...the best cities are mostly in those SOCIALIST countries that sarah palin warns us against...
A beautiful, man made, airborne Jelly fish---
--President Obama writing an excuse note for a kid that attended one of his town hall meetings by skipping school---OUR PRESIDENT IS COOL!

Allot of recent activity regarding the legalization of Marijuana. Here's just a few links on news items or activities....from an upcoming voter initiative in California to legalize--to---the US drug Czar ordering an end to the term "war on drugs" --to--reduction of required sentencing---

Overall there seems to be the growing belief that Pot will be legal in California in 2010--Once one state legalizes this starts the avalanche, the crumbling of the stupidity we have been living under for so many years.

I did a good deal of DVD watching throughout the week with these highlights:
what can you say about this touched me, struck me very deep. Clint Eastwood's character were the adults around me when i was growing up. Tough, Loyal, and Complexly Stupid in so many ways...always ready to drink and fight..holding standards so high, that no one, no one outside of themselves could meet. The thing i did identify with in Clint's character was his change late in life. My father changed many of his beliefs, well maybe modified is a better term...just before the end...I've seen the same thing with me, but much earlier. You need to see Gran Torino.
I also had a chance to view SPACED, season 1, and loved
it---of course once again I am something like 5 years
behind the curve when it comes to TV. I'm sure you've heard of it
--Shaun and the whole crew from Shaun of the Dead--started with this British Comedy
Simon Pegg is of course excellent and the series is so funny and well done that I had to immediately order seasons 2 and 3. If you have been a bubble boy like me and haven't seen SPACED rent it you won't regret it.

When in doubt ask yourself
"what would Jay and Silent Bob do?"

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