Thursday, June 25, 2009

The garden is producing, I'm working with a more positive attitude, it's me 57th birthday----We're both doing some community service---i have a ton of good books to in our little two person art commune is good!

The fact that the broadcast media in the United States is giving the death of Michael Jackson almost continuous coverage proves to me our nation is unfortunately, forever culturally doomed.

Twenty years ago I wouldn't be caught dead in one---now I probably will be....
Over the past year I've discovered I love Hawaiian shirts and wear them loudly and proudly almost all the time. It's a part of the development of geezerdom I believe. The latent gene which appreciates a soft, big, super comfy, colorful, cool shirt, this part of a dude's DNA must lie dormant until the late 50's are reached in most males with the exception of the Dude Lebowski contingent or actual real Hawaiians. There is nothing like gray hair, a nasty Yankee's baseball cap, a battery powered loud Hawaiian shirt, and an exposed butt-crack to impress the neighbors while you're doing yard work. I now live for times like these.

Now this is what i would call some truly alternative architecture...decommissioned underground nuclear missile silo's and command structures available for sale..some of the offerings are rehabbed into residences already. Some require extensive work prior to occupying. But still these are great for daydreaming "what ifs". If you travel the link to the site, click on the individual photo's for additional information and photo's on each site offered for sale...just the thing for the survivalist that has everything eh?

I have a bunch of new stuff which will be appearing in the blog over time
to start off with:
I've been without a weather station for a whole year now---and I have really missed it...pulling up the weather online or turning on the weather channel is not for me...true weather information means i am collecting the data myself. This weekend I'm installing my new LaCross, professional, wireless weather station. I'm back on the clock, observing my household micro climate. This new system is incredibly detailed and displays a tremendous amount of backyard weather information at one time. The system is now up, working perfectly and came with two receivers so both the kitchen (for gardening purposes) and the nerd cave (for geek necessary information) have display stations-------

If you've read my stuff at all before you know I am a serious bag geek, and carry a ton of computing and personal items everywhere with me for that just in case moment...
My new method of "stuff" carry is an AXIO tekno, hard shell, computer geek backpack. Put it down---it sits upright....My wondrous wife got this for me, is that great or what! I love this thing--books, notebooks, camera, water, laptop, phone keyboard, all my stuff is carried cleanly, and hard case securely. I feel like the king of all nerds when i stroll about with this rascal---love it..these hard shell backpacks originated in the crotch rocket motorcycle----extreme sporting world so one could carry your nerd gear on the crotch rocket/skateboard/mountain bike aerodynamically at high speeds and the hard shell provided some protection to both you and the expensive contents within. The most extreme thing about me however is this backpack on a geezer.....

Talk to your dog---like you really mean it.
Enjoy being a wise-ass--- you can get away if you're a geezer.

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