Saturday, May 10, 2008

A time of manifesting improvements to our home world is upon us:
painting the nerd cave--garage almost completed, flowers blooming,grass growing, house color matching privacy fencing going up, our little personal art colony is becoming! We have apparently entered a zone where things can get done and we're attempting to make this spatial anomaly last as long as possible or at least to take advantage of it as best as we can...this "stuff happening" activity zone leads to a much better mental condition as well---combined with 3 days off work this universe is now considered status---good!
I took the Prius in for it's 15,000 mile service--my mileage has been simply excellent...i have been consistently averaging in excess of 50 mpg for the past month..i usually wind up somewhere near 51.7 mpg on a total daily commute of 78 miles door to door per day...there is absolutely no doubt that gas will be $4.00 per gallon shortly..the price is rising so fast that i cannot accurately list a local gasoline price on this blog without it instantly being out of date..when even a prius driver notices higher expenses at the pump the world must be tremendously tough for those who've blindly followed the Bush belief system agenda----sitting in a no value MacMansion, with a SUV out front that now costs $160.00 to fill for 400 miles of range...Our society is undergoing a massive change... read this:
The second link below shows a definitive change---even republicans are finally wising up---only 23% of registered republicans believe that the economy is "good"----hah! Perhaps after hitting bottom with Bush the republicans are actually starting to think--

It is apparently a little known scientific law that clown car vagina's are incredibly active in the state of Arkansas(where else you know?)--apparently that family who has this completely bizarre TV show --which is like a reality zoo about trying to feed 17 kids--the woman is pregnant again!--I've seen the show about this abnormality once and my first thought was that if these people all were not from the same DNA this groupage would be considered a cult--God! How can you even keep their names straight? Plus what a pain in the ass for the older kids---on this T show they were like slaves to this baby machine---surrrrre they want to help out? If i was stuck in this fuck for Jesus crew i'd hitchhike out out of Arkansas as soon as i turned 9 or something--here's an article link in case you believe i'm lying:
Here is something just as stupid--in California they require a "loyalty oath" yes that's correct, a loyalty oath to be able to teach within any state system---The state routinely fires individuals who refuse---here's a link to a story on the latest firee---,0,875150.story?page=1
you know where exactly are we headed as a culture? How can this in any way shape or form do anything?? A truly disloyal person would swear in a heartbeat--they'd be like "who cares" what a stupid concept---politicians take an oath of office and that really works doesn't it??? I can never truly comprehend how stupid we humans can be to allow something like this loyalty oath thing to go on?----ah well---for the last item on the quick link listing---one of my favorites--remember acme mail order in the wil-e-coyote cartoons? the forerunner of amazon where one could order up all types of miraculous items instantly such as the iron carrot, the planet destroying handgun, and the rocket powered unicycle...well here is an online visual dictionary of all acme products that have ever existed...very cool....

as a last item---one of my top five, known only to people who get it, band's of all time THE LENINGRAD COWBOYS!----I finally broke down and ordered a copy of their CD "HAPPY TOGETHER" with the Russian Army choir--to fight hip hop, volume wise at stoplights...the world's best and strangest Finnish rock and roll band (which in fact may be all the same thing) backed by the big Russian army choir--doing sweet home alabama----man that's something--that's the rock and roll that ended the cold war!!!You just haven't lived until you've heard their version of i wish they all could be California girls-----
ok so be cool, read good things, be smart, do art, be strange.....

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