Monday, May 26, 2008

I decided to take a step towards the creation of power rather than the purchase of power. This step is definitely not a complete project, rather an initial movement towards the personal generation of power.--i cannot find anyone--any company---willing to sell or install solar systems in this area--the Internet for this purpose is useless--solar power seems to be in the twilight zone of no real construction/installation capability available at any price, or in any manner. I am unable to wait longer---i want to do my part and not just talk/plan about solar power---i had this feeling that the longer i waited the greater the possibility there will be that less will actually be available. There will probably be more scams--but less real equipment available--less installation capability and less real knowledge as time goes on.
Ordered a stop gap system off Amazon---i had previously jury rigged panels that i picked up on ebay, as cheap as humanly possible, as an experiment, wired together which produced maybe 10 watts of power total---just to see if i could manipulate the solar concept. This experiment was worthless for anything practical but i did learn something so---i just ordered a set of four panels with a pvc pipe,angled frame, support that produces 60 watts of power at a cost of $317.00 (shipping was free since i am on one click at amazon) Now 60 watts won't do alot--but it is a start and it is something i can put together, manage, and store power into batteries that i already have. It is doing something productive...something on my own against this exon/republican conspiracy..yes the panels are made in china---they definitely are not space station quality they produce way les than the power levels of the much more expensive panels-----but for me it is a start--i will as time goes on eventually find either a competent supplier/installer in my area or my learning curve will allow me to install superior panels on my own, at a later time----i'm tired of reading and planning, with the required subsequent doing nothing--i needed to do something--anything...that i can---Later if i can find--buy-or build a superior system for the house i will change this system over to charge a segway. The purchase of a segway will probably be the next thing that i am tired of talking about and will do---but the world is complicated and we will have to wait and see...
I am awaiting a new pair of terraplana sneakers--the escape model...I am an unabashed fan of terraplana shoes...manufactured of recycled materials which vary with each model of shoe they design-- terraplana's are sensible, cooly ugly and good for the planet. The weirdest thing is the response i get from people at work---terraplana's have become my sort of personal trademark. These shoes are either loved by those observing them or the head shaking begins...Terraplana's really match my new exterior design--i've really got this Dr. Brackish Okun thing going on lately--(OK I'll explain---the old hippie scientist in charge at area 51 in the movie Independence Day)---the biggest problem with terraplana is as specific items are recycled--such as old motorcycle tires run out of stock--terraplana changes their design to match the new material they are going to recycle into their the model of shoes comes and goes...
Some would take up arms against the blog commentary available at this link:
The basic premise here is that gasoline at $6.00 to $8.00 a gallon is good for us as people and as a culture. There are several concepts i agree with--that $8.00 a gallon gasoline will bring our culture back to reality...and create by demand fiscal responsibility within our society...some good thoughts here once the average human bounces back from concept shock..another interesting blog commentary here:
delineates out what our nation could have accomplished with the money we have wasted in Iraq..without this incredibly stupid Bush war---supported by the redneck Jesus trailer vote we could have built a high speed mag-lev train system across the US-- gone to Mars repeatedly on multiple missions and on and on and on----but Nooooooo----against all recorded history, human memory, and logical thought process we allow the idiot to lead us to useless war and without a doubt subsequent is interesting to read what we could have done if we were not a society lead by and overrun with beavis and butthead thought concepts...the intelligent always get screwed in our society and damaged by watching stupidity win.

World Changing is one of my often visited sites and they have a great article on rehabbing micro houses to produce a small life footprint---which of course is what my wife and i are attempting to is great to find others share your goals and concepts..
I still believe the world can be a great place--now more than ever with the technology available...that we all can have what we need---without violence, corruption, or ruining the planet...that all we really need to do is think more--think for ourselves rather than letting others think for us...thinking for ourselves is tough, takes time and can make your head hurt but it is important---you know---thinking, individually growing into good evolved humans that care--is our most important goal---it happens---but you have to look for it and recognize it when you see it---
last night i saw a guy walk across a large parking lot to help a stranger with putting a huge box in a very small car--
i was just pulling into the lot in my Prius--saw this and it just moved me...a side note was that the guy helping out was covered in tattoo's and piercings---"BRAVO FOR LIFE'S LITTLE IRONIES EH!"...forgive yourself....that's what I've been working on...and take care.

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