Saturday, May 24, 2008

I've somewhat centered up--the world around me has not changed rather i have readdressed how i deal with it. i am ignoring the judgement by others feeling, it is still there--lurking in the background--ignoring a problem can be a solution. it's not pretending, it is controlling one's internal response to the exterior sphere.

Gaming--Lost Planet (not exactly a new release but new to me) Reading---Nowtopia by Chris Carlsson--watching: Vexville (now yet viewed, but i just got it, a new anime release)

None of the above material i've finished--so no reviews, i sit down and order material to feed the brain on a regular basis and often times it takes awhile for the opportunity to appear to catch up with material i receive. This is often the best time---- waiting to be able to leap into a new book--a new game--or a new anime when nothing but possibilities exist-without disappointments...I'll advise on these items as i play--read--watch my way along.

Gas prices--i told you so, i told you this was coming...$4.00 a gallon regular unleaded gasoline in new mexico, brought on by our cannibalistic capitalistic, Republican leadership who would sell our organs for a profit... our energy secretary--has done zero for the working guy---i did not even know his name (Samuel Bodman) until I read this article...shows you how active he has been.....he says high gas prices are not an they are not---- when you are a rich, fat, old, gray haired white guy republican--- hell no it's not an emergency to this guy---he's rich! He probably plays golf with the Saudis and Exon guys carry their clubs---shiiiiit....just look at this guy--what a hero to lead us out of energy dependency on foreign supply...he probably does not know the difference between a hybrid and a hemorrhoid and does not care. Thanks again Bush.....
At least there are now one million Prius hybrids on the road now---Toyota broke the million made mark the other my prius i averaged over 46.494 miles per gallon through 988 miles over 13 days of commuting and standard normal in town driving...this was during very,very windy conditions here in new mexico----thankfully Toyota thought about the future..we should elect the president of Toyota president of the US..
due to our situation i am mentally back into the segway mode---i desperately want to do something electric to travel and our government filled with mopes like the republican dork above have done nothing to help me---a segway is the only way i can think i can make something electric happen right now, before it's too late to prepare for the oil less future that is roaring down on us---so i am back into the segway desire zone again....i am tired of the merry go round with this, no applicable electric cars and difficulty justifying a segway....damn.....

please, please remember, think about the fact that the internet, blogging, underground culture, cooperatives, urban gardening, DIY, and left brain thinking is all we have left going for us. The other systems have purposefully failed us in pursuit of their own agenda..we are all we have left.

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