Saturday, May 03, 2008

Better now---accomplished a few goals in regards to the house and my life. As always a long, long, long way yet to evolve...and to cover this situation-- i'll simply apply my favorite term..."WELLLL". There'll be nothing mentally deep in this blog--i'm just not that way this week.
I have been involved positively in my favorite things---reading--the yard---my computers...movies..thinking.... so there's not much of deepness in this blog this time----just odd factors that interest me-----I'm awaiting a new Science Fiction movie which just supposedly finished production staring Vin Diesel...tentatively named Babylon...the film takes place in a future society with the texture and confusion much like that of the most excellent film children of men...and from what limited information i've found on this film the plot places the story on the Russian--Chinese border? this unique location for a sci-fi plot alone is the coolest concept in a long,long time---from the available still photo's i seen there are alot of guns---angst---and tattoo's--what more is necessary?? In my process's it will be awhile till i get to see this film---since i refuse to go to a cinema (no smoking and surrounded by assholes) i won't see this till it hits dvd----ah any rate inserted are a few stills from Babylon in production.

Random thought experiments that caught my fickle brainpan recently----first a story on the New Jersey Hall of Fame---apparently there is one?? as a New Jersey expatriate i am massively proud of my old home developing a hall of fame for all those amazing personalities my state has produced...remember the unofficial NJ state motto--"Kiss her where it smells---New Jersey!" While in/on my old home place New Jersey lawmakers are also considering a large tax on fast food---working the same principle as the dogmatic response on smoking fast food and fat people are the new devil!! i have to admit that i am extremely pleased ---- you all need to feel the damnation that has been applied to we smokers---and realize that none and nothing are safe: Mark Twain said it best "nothing needs reforming more than other people's morals!"
I so want one of these---a Meyers motors NMG, three wheeled full electric car---i need to research this much, much more to discover cost--availability will it work in the average New Mexico howling winds--all the semi-normal surrounding factors..these are coolly perfect...capable of 70 miles per hour, with a range of 30 miles (unfortunately cutting it really close for my commute but possibly doable. The NMG is pricey at $36,000.00 but figure in the fact that there is zero gasoline cost---it becomes actually reasonable...apparently they register like a motorcycle, but require no motorcycle license--and have power windows! i may have to express my second childhood with this rascal---like i said more research on my part is required but i WANT ONE! go here and check this out....
My Prius has been doing simply champion duty recently averaging over 50 mpg every service light is lite indicating that my 15,000 mile service is due...which i'll work on next week--my goal is to go full electric as soon as possible---but till then the prius is the way to go....inserted is a photo of what the 2009/2010 prius may look like and a description from one of the auto blogs.
our wonderful government spent alot of money funding a study designed to prove that smoking weed would cause cancer---unfortunately after a lot of cool scientific stuff, and statistics the study determined well-ah--NO smoking marijuana does not cause ANY form of cancer and if you actually smoke alot of the evil Marijuana one could stand a better chance of preventing cancer--- i can hear the bush guys right now--"oops-damn--next time just forget the damn scientists and make up the report--you understand!!!"
this is what's going on in my world--nothing special just a critical eye on what we are doing and where we/I are compared with truly where I/we want to go----i have my mind greatly on retirement lately and how i want to live once i am free...old...but at least free and able to live for the first time unhindered by the oppression of having to work and please those who sign the check.

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