Friday, July 20, 2012

Parrondo's Paradox

50.8 mpg as an average on this weeks commute...
The garden is producing vegetables in an excellent manner...eating lots of salads, canning, storing as much as we can since the rumors abound over increases in produce prices that are coming....
We continue to kill each other in our society like white rats in a failed experiment...
If i had one of the brain neuralizers like the Men in Black I'd use it on myself this week..... 

The past weekend i managed to work on my Rolls Royce armored car kit...above is the completed chassis and engine...this has been the main construction so far, other than priming all parts for future painting.

Previously, I had rooted about the basement till I found a tool box i had made up years ago especially for modeling, and surprisingly after removing ten years of layered dirt from the outside of the box, I found the interior and supplies i had stored years ago were--- perfect...once again justification for the construction of independent kit boxes for projects, (photo above). I am currently awaiting the arrival of the proper colored paints to complete the armored car but in the meanwhile there are small painting and construction jobs on this project that can be worked on....until the main color paints arrive.

A Kit on the way is a 38 1/2 inch long model of the airship, 
Graf Zepplin..complete with lighted passenger compartment...I am already building and painting a shelf to mount over the sofa in the nerd cave not just to display this singular 4' bad boy...but for somewhere to store it out of the way while construction takes place... very, very dieselpunk, sky captain like..I have always had a fascination with airships..always...and bemoan the fact that none operate today...I will provide photo's of the model as it progresses through the construction stage...

John Brennan who protested TSA invasive hand searches by stripping naked at his airport has won his case in court...hit the link for the details--the court upheld the fact that his only reason for stripping down was to protest not to excite which was the type of statue he was arrested under...This was an honest ruling since damn, believe me there is no excitement going on here that i can observe...but i admire his i think throwing rocks would be better than getting naked but---any resistance is good resistance.

Both of them, just empty suits. 
A multi-millionaire who won't disclose his taxes or off-shore bank accounts during our depression--the other a Sheep in wolf's clothing, taking money from wall street---rather than the socialist I voted for....and hoped for. The only thing either will excel at is protecting the 1% because that's where the money is. Nothing of substance spoken of in our time of societal danger and class struggle, of bankrupting cities and crumbling infrastructure--no real vision or leadership, just sound bites, only sound bites.

The top 1% of Americans hold 34.5% of the total wealth in this country, when you examine the top 10% as a whole they own 74.5%.  50% of the total population of this country holds only, ONLY 1% of the wealth.....Let the Republicans spread their bullshit deeper and higher...until the average human in this country owns NOTHING....they will not stop until they have it all.

Good things were happening--two major bankers dead in two weeks---we were on a roll but all good things must end. No Banker deaths or suicides this week--we can still hope prior to publishing...especially on that Nebraska hedge fund fuck-nut who ran off with 17 million dollars from retiree's-- Then of course there are the bankers who launder money for the Mexican Cartels here in the US and get away with it by apologizing when you or I go to jail for a single joint????

"If one does not know to which port one is sailing,
no wind is favorable."
Lucius Annaeus Seneca

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David Scott said...

Warren - Once again you and I think alike - Hopefully the old saying of what goes around comes around is true and the bankers and elite will get their due justice - but historically they don't - best advice is the best revenge is to live well and sounds like that is what you are trying to do - I think I may take up modeling as well to go with woodworking- An occupied mind is a mind alive and well. - Showed my Reba yall's raised beds and now after we get moved she wants similar - Stay cool brother.