Thursday, July 05, 2012

Mathematical Universe Hypothesis

I used to care about Physics. Particle--Quantum. The Big Bang, the nature of the universe. Not at all any longer. Fighting the idiocy of the new normal---the daily life of swimming upstream against the societal current sucks the wonder out of Physics and the God Particle. I want national health care, everywhere wireless, solar power, hybrid cars, decent well paying honest jobs and housing for everyone---and then I may be in awe of the God Particle...the Dark ages were dark for a reason. 

I smoke--my wife JoJo and I both smoke---blahblahblah---I have since I was 12. I smoke like a Russian. None of the anti-smokers were around when i was factory working as a kid and cigarettes were what kept me going Thu a full shift...blahblahblah...but here's the problem for me...facing retirement down the roadway how do I feed my habit and not bankrupt us. JoJo can switch to an electronic cigarette...she likes that system and it works for her, but the electronic cigarette does nothing for me. Nothing. We do have #10 cans of tobacco stockpiled but that is not for daily's for the end times.
I am going to try switching to little cigars..yeah i know, lot's of neighborhood old,old, mopes smoked these, hanging out on the corner when i was a kid but now I am old enough to get away with this. They are cheaper,a big plus...individually may go further for the money and can be ordered over the internet. 
I placed an order for the cigars pictured above as a test. If I am going to switch to these--accomplishing the change slowly before retirement is the way to work the process. We are planning many tests prior to retirement such as living for a year on our retirement income and banking the learn what is and what in not viable the smoking test challenge is just one part of a larger process. I'll advise on the results. 

I'm awaiting the release of Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter, on DVD. I've seen previews and it appears very, very dark, Tim Burton, Steampunk like....I am on the DVD release notification list. 

I was thinking today while shelling pecans...(Good, repetitive work, always allows me to think broadly)....when i was young, working in factories I could think all day long. I understand why Einstein liked working in the Patent office--he said it allowed him time to think....but anyway I digress....I was thinking today on the fact that I am glad my father would call me STUPID. He was an old time guy...besides telling me often that my real father was the peddler...(we used to have those guys who went door to door selling junk)..and that was why I was often so stupid. Before you gasp, this was a big step up in parenting from his father, my grandfather, who the neighbors claimed, would chase my old man, when he was a kid, around waving a my old man probably thought he was a "modern scientific" type parent for not using the wrench technique. 
I'm glad he called me stupid...I have friends today with children who are  grown..who have never heard the word "stupid" directed at them or at anything they have done...I've heard these parents talk of what geniuses their kid would be when they grew talented they were...and right 20 or 21 they all seem pretty fucked. No jobs, no girlfriends, no lives of their own. At their age I was married for the first time for a couple of years. 
I think it was a bonus in life that the old man told me, often, how stupid I was...when i was...It kept me from, well, just expecting good things to happen...although I do still often wonder about the peddler being my real daddy thing???

I picked up two small inexpensive items for my every day carry...I have gone full Geek now with the acquisition of the above pair of flip up lens sunglasses. When my mobile phone goes off--I can't see who's calling unless I pull off my sunglasses..the little phone screen is way too dark...this way i can Geek out by just flipping up the dark lens up out of the way when necessary.....

My summer every day carry bags are smaller. During the summer I attempt to streamline everything possible...hoping to move through the heat like a shark. Water carriage has always been a problem for me. I wish to always have some amount of water in my bag..just for emergencies. Yet the huge water bottles are simply too large if one is interested in streamlining one's passage...I have no wish to hang huge things from the outside of a small, technical pack...I have a Swiss army canteen that is an excellent size for internal carry within my winter bags...I did require something smaller but similar for summer use with my new smaller packs...I found and ordered this inexpensive, OD Green Plastic, Pilot's 1 pint flask---for carrying a small amount of emergency water, inside my new technical packs---- this should be the summer solution I have been looking for. Amazon, I can't live without it. 

"Man will never be free until the last king is strangled with the
entrails of the last priest."
Denis Diderot

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David Scott said...

Great post Warren.- my dad was raisd by his grandfather who thought since he was only half white (Cherrokee) then he was meant to stay and help him on the farm. - Dad reluctantly raised his hand to me then only to correct a character flaw, who taught me to judge the man's character not his color, to be patient with fools for we all have our moments. and who taught me that sometimes you win sometimes you loose but be graceful either way. His favorite saying "sometimes you eat high on the hog somtimes the hog eats you".
- I am totally with you on the movie paitently waiting for it myself.- Prior to Feb 16, 1984 I was a 3 pack a day smoker of camels and a pack of cigars and a couple of pipes of tobacco. Quit because of 3 time with brociall pneomia in one year. Went cold turkey and to this day I still miss a good smoke but like breathing better.