Sunday, July 08, 2012

Barber Paradox

Leave is over. Back to the daily routine with a subsequent reduction in the number of blogs issued to one a week. I accomplished much here at the homestead while off work. I'm sure it will take a bit to become 
re-indoctrinated to the daily requirements. I will miss being able to plan my own day, and napping, of course....most of all tho i will miss being with my wife all day....although i don't think she will miss the mad science projects----

JoJo's pickling today...we are literally overwhelmed with cucumbers---of varying types..the garden shade houses are working beyond all expectations and this year may be an outstanding year for everything we is very cool to think that not only are we using the cucumbers we grew, but JoJo grew all the seasonings we will use in the pickling, canning process as well--

My long suffering, but wondrous wife has finally allowed me to build her an everyday carry day pack. I was beside myself being able to build this for her.  Utilizing a very light weight, small, yellow Marmot bag I had available as a platform the bag contains standard EDC items. Small flashlight, small knife, notebook, pen, snack, as well as bottles of water and an instant cold compress to fight the dreaded New Mexico heat stroke...there remains plenty of room for cell phone, wallet, camera, keys all her normal daily equipment. 
A surprise I have in route for her is the below illustrated Public Toilet survival kit. Purchased for 1cent, plus postage, these were apparently corporate gifts at one time..containing gloves, toilet seat cover, and hand cleaner in a small tin. I am planning on adding several items, such as pellet towels that expand to full size when put in contact with water. It can also be restocked as necessary...I just thought it was a neat idea for her when out and about.

Taliban fundamentalists have destroyed the End of the world gate in Timbuktu. According to legend, this 600 year old, sealed structure had to remain shut, until the end of the world. The Taliban believing this legend to be non-Islamic, destroyed the building---so your guess is as good as mine as to what happens next?

I began work today on my Panasonic 4900 Shortwave radio. I bought this item used and cheap on Ebay years ago....I have never been able to get the Shortwave to work but at the time this did not trouble it...I bought it for a garage radio, the price was right and it looks extremely techno.
My search for some type of viable radio media made me drag this radio into the nerd cave and begin the task of rehabilitation. I have purchased an extension speaker dead cheap on amazon...I am going to start by removing the 33 screws holding the exterior case onto the chassis and clean all the tuners, and parts with canned air and electronic contact cleaner that i have in route. If the Shortwave stills resists working I am going to order an indoor power antenna expressly made for SW. If all this does not work...well then....
I'm fucked. But it's a fun project for a guy born to be a watchmaker.

This is in route

"A man who carries a cat by the tail,
learns something he can learn in no other way."
Mark Twain

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David Scott said...

Sorry to hear you are heading back to work. - considering conditions of most pubic toilets your find is not a bad ideal - update on the radio please. Use to listen on shortwave jazz stations. - warren , remember keep you back to wall and know where the exits are.