Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Our national bond future rating has been reduced from stable to vulnerable---gasoline in excess of $4.00 per gallon in most states, GDP at 1.8%, while the stock market and oil companies reach 3 year profit highs--Long term storage food is almost impossible to find at a reasonable price or even if you are willing to pay any price there are 6 week delays in ordering-------domestic food staple inflation rises, Wal-Mart has posted repeated losses indicating that the average citizen can no longer afford to shop there for Christ sake's.
This rape of the American public by the rich and their political lapdogs will not stop until there is nothing left---count on nothing but yourself.

Urban Fire Departments started out as rival criminal gangs that would take the opportunity of responding to your house fire to steal everything you owned---this was a fact no matter how hard it may be for you to believe....and not quite the picture of the noble fire fighter we now hold..with the current and upcoming cuts to public services and the descent into 3rd world status i expect the same culture to redevelop. Calling for fire assistance and having no response or the response of a drunken gang of volunteers helping themselves to your food supplies while your world burns to the ground would be a crushing scenario...
Urban homestead fire protection was something we just hadn't thought of until we realized how vulnerable our home and supply stockpile would be in our American 3rd world status ---checking the smoke detectors is one thing but then we purchased three fire extinguishers...two for placement in the house itself and one for placement in the survival supply storage area. It would do no good to go through the work and effort of preparing to watch it all go up in smoke.

A link to a very interesting article on exactly the amount of money saved by a family of five through gardening---the author has much more dedication than i could ever have, weighing all vegetables produced by his home garden, comparing against store pricing, tracking expenses vs. savings and did an excellent job----the result was over $2400.00 US in savings over a excellent article worth the time to read....

Summer is a bitch for everyday carry....weapons carry switches to a smaller caliber semi-automatic pistol in an ankle holster...and carrying a large bug out bag/pack becomes a back sweaty, heavy problem. When the seasons change i modify what i carry on a daily basis switching from winter gear requirements to a lesser, smaller load for the summer---- but my attempts to modify how i carry my essential stuff during hot weather has still eluded me....

My winter carry packs and bags are just too big and i wind up filling them with winter equipment that i do not actually require---i am hoping the Maxpedition AS bag that i just ordered (pictured above) will solve my summer bug out bag problem. Small civilian and military shoulder bags have been, well, too small---this bag bigger than a musette bag but smaller than a messenger bag, big enough, i hope, to carry the necessary material that makes me feel independent of whatever situation i may find myself locked into by fate. I'll advise how this works out..

I am lost in the Metrozone that Simon Morden creates in his novels---I last read and advised on the first novel in this series, Equations of Life--and after reading it straight through twice I am savoring Theories of Flight---the second of 3 novels set in post, well post everything future London.
Strong, very unusual characters, an ability to construct a society, a future that you can travel to through the written word, strange plot twists all combine in Morden's Metrozone for great reading---especially for those of us still lamenting the loss of cyberpunk fiction. Even as i read and will re-read this second novel i can't wait for the 3rd---i recommend.

"The Big Lebowski: I just want to understand this, sir. Every time a rug is micturated upon in this fair city, I have to compensate the owner?"

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David Scott said...

Warren- You have to wonder if the people will rise up at some time like the arab nations currently in revolt.

I think though that in truth that the average joe see himself as middle class (republican) and believe all the crap that the TEA and RW Republicans are spreading about like manure on a farmer's field. Of course this thought is sponsored by the political elite and not to mention the ultra rich.

Anarchy may be the way in the end.