Sunday, April 10, 2011

Touch me again and you won't get that hand back.

I have posted here on the incredible gap between the rich and the middle class in the United States and it's results being that of our descent to 3rd world status.

I have posted here that the rich after raping the banking, real estate and government systems would pay no price.... they are after privatizing social security the last surviving possibility of middle class security in our society.

I have posted here of the upcoming food collapse--the necessity to store and produce your own food. Of the upcoming increase in the cost of gasoline and the reduction in infrastructure and basic human services.

I hate being right---i really do.

I've been buying knives---it must seem as if lately every week i post on a new knife i have in route...i suppose i could justify this through globalization...China has opened the knife market to people like me providing unique knife designs and quality at a reasonable price that previously were only available at tremendous expense through custom hand makers. So while there is still oil for transporting Chinese products and while our currency is still worth something I guess you could say that i am talking advantage of this window of opportunity to knife up...I am also good with what i buy---use and appreciate them, and carry 2 on me and 1 in my bug out bag everyday.
In route this week is the CRKT, assisted opening, M4-02 bone and black folder displayed below.

My black cat pocket knife described in a previous post came in and is a tremendous buy. Inexpensive, thin, useful and a great addition to my daily knife carry. The black cat has become my pocket utility knife...doing the work I do not wish to force on say on a knife like the CRKT folder...

I have been the subject of mystery old man injuries lately...these are the ones where you wake up in the morning and think "damn, how'd I hurt my ________" (fill in the blank with a body part). You have no idea how something on you got hurt, bruised or damaged enough for you to notice it now but have absolutely no idea of when or how this damage to an important body part occurred ?

I like it when strangers come into my office and the first words out of their mouth is
"are you leaving?"
I keep my office completely bare of personal items so i can just walk away.
Work is not home--

I was up late last night, walking into the bedroom i could hear the sounds of the wife and the dogs sleeping---breathing in sync.

The Republicans only care about embryo's,
they would let all their chickens die while protecting the eggs.

40% of our domestic corn crop now goes to Ethanol due to Government subsidies.
It is now officially more important to feed an SUV
than a person.

All the tea baggers can talk about is what the Founding Fathers would do or say.
What they would have said to that crowd is----
"Back to work indentured servants".

Better mad with the rest of the world than wise alone.
Baltasar Gracian

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David Scott said...

You sir have it exactly right. Keep on posting never give up.
Never let the bastard see you sweat.

By the way sire I wll drop knifes with you any time. paricualrly when you have tht nice bone an black kife.

In case you didn't know it When I was a kid two kids would get together and would drop knifes. Thisis where you would hold your pocekt knife and they would hold theirs and you would extend your had out and drop the knife into the other open palm trading knifes sight unseen. You all ways carried tow knifes one for dripping and one for showing.