Thursday, March 26, 2009

---I ponder at times, how we, the American Society actually manages to exist?---i stand gaping at our bizarre congressional do nothing system and the total surgical removal of financial "Noblesse Oblige" in the United States.
I am thinking along the same line as the Chinese in doubting the stability of our society and our supposed financial system. My basic belief is that we are on a societal Event Horizon. . There is one hope I am hanging onto and that is Obama--this in itself is unfair and unreasonable---but possibly as a beacon of reason--and through his obvious expectations of excellence he may succeed in turning around our Jerry Springer level of consciousness to something approaching a mature society with viable goals and objectives for the future. Deep within my heart of hearts i doubt it tho...

I am currently reading "Reinventing Collapse" by Dimitri Orlov..I am a consistent reader of Mr. Orlov's blog and it is excellent--his overall concept is the comparison of the economic collapse of the former Soviet Union and the current economic depression here in the United States. He speciality is comparing how the average Russian survived to how can the average American survive what is happening and what is is extremely interesting and has great first person insights on day to day life and problems under these circumstances..He writes in a delightfully non-technical manner--on people--how both he and those around him survived bad times and how practical thinking and practical skills are essential to the future.

I called my senators and congressman today--the first time I've ever done this---asking for their support of President Obama's budget proposal and for support for his stand on his platform issues issues. This is an amazing step for me---you really,really do not know how amazing---

I am planning on completing my internal requirement to obtain 30 days worth of emergency food--this weekend i ordered an additional case of MRE's (12 meals total). Finding self contained food for 30 days for two people economically is tough...combine this with my demands of easy storage--long shelf life and the ability to grab this stuff and go if necessary MRE's are the best bet...
I also need to order some necessary equipment for my solar power systems and work on multiple small tasks that can be easily overlooked at my urban homestead. I have a long list of material to obtain that i believe is required to insure that my wife and I are as self sufficient as possible for the upcoming near future.

On the net recently that attracted my interest:
buy that weird Japanese car you've always wanted:

That's it for now---be nice we need it now---fix something yourself---go to the park and hang out---read---stock up on food--make something unusually artistic for your house---and take care.

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