Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I am a doomer......i admit it...
An admitted, dedicated follower of James Howard Kunstler----
but definitely not a survivalist......

An Obama liberal doomer to be specific---
i buy solar panels, hybrid cars, grow extensive gardens, have no debts, i do have 30 days of MRE's/freeze dried food on hand---180 gallons of fresh water in my rainwater recovery system--I'm not planning on the end of society--just a change in society---a big turn---a forced turn to a belief in community, self-sufficiency whenever possible---and an end to cannibalistic capitalism. "Greed is good" is soon to be excise from our collective psyche...The best part of being a doomer is that there is not much of a downside if you proceed in a logical sequence.

Let us proceed with a thought experiment that nothing bad happens as a result of the current unpleasantness.....................in a few months the economy bounces back--gas is cheap and looks that way forever and easy financing for everything from credit cards to even bigger SUs to MacMansions rises from the current banking ashes....what then is the downside to my having worked my life in a doomer philosophy?
Err--ah--none that i can see...
If none of the dire societal and economic projections occur at all---no long term depression---no peak oil problems---no social tail eating----as a result of my applied doomer philosophy lifestyle we am still:
free from debt---living in a beautiful little, paid for Hobbit house---spending 1/4th of the norm on gasoline, free of dependence on the power grid----eating fresh vegetables from our square foot gardens---are within walking distance of the library and have 30 days of emergency food and water to depend upon.....so where is the downside involving my application of the doomer philosophy?
This rainy and dark morning i was working in my shed---lit by stored electricity produced through my solar panels---wondrous---
The first element of action is to disregard any concept that smart guys can fix our current problems. The supposed smart guys we depended on to act properly fucked us into this mess-----The Smart guys have no real idea how to get us out of it----only we as individuals can take care of ourselves now as both active, responsible individuals and small cooperative communities of viable citizens. Use the remaining time and access to services to invest in useful material such as solar panels---right now the best investment you can make with your money is in equipment for self- sufficiency...stockpile seeds for gardening---investment in a good solar system will eventually make a better return on your money than anything the financial market will be able to offer for a long, long time. Invest time and money in restructuring your lifestyle---the lifestyle you have been brainwashed into believing was important---and necessary---displaying excess is unimportant---being able to take responsible care of yourself and/or your family is of primary importance for the upcoming 10 years. Rely/depend on nothing that society promises---it will probably not be there---count on being on your own---but help develop a small, responsible, viable, surrounding community.

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