Sunday, March 25, 2012

Welcome to the Suck this week.....nationally and personally.

Nationally, do we really think the SCOTUS is in any way shape or form not as bought and paid for by the 1% as the rest of our government?....Do we really believe that an honest ruling on Obamacare will come about? As proof of my doubt, I give you Clarence Thomas and his wife---both proven to be bought and paid for....good luck on this one--- I for one could give a shit any longer about anything such as this---it is all fiddling while Rome burns.

....we'll discuss the price of gasoline further along in this blog--as we cast about to blame someone--anyone except ourselves...

On the personal front of the SUCK---- work travels further and further from reality into a dimension of delusion--to the point where i needed to pull a sick day today just to have a bit of time to think---worn out from keeping the required interested, i am a team member face on all week as the ever rising, desperate stupidity there, was drowning me.

It is not yet the "rape the public by oil corporations" summer, high gasoline price season and per gallon prices in my area--at the highest priced locations, are $3.91 pg. I can't wait to see what the "Let's go to Wally World for Vacation" summer price gouging will push the price per gallon of gasoline to? One of the side benefits of owning my Prius (pictured above) is that when gas prices are low--I am a leftist, Obama environmentalist, putz to my co-workers---and when gas prices rise, as in our current situation I am suddenly a genius and constantly asked what my mpg is? I have been averaging, on a daily basis during my 66 mile total daily commute between 50.9 and 51.2 mpg. My mpg average has risen as the season has changed and I ultimately expect consistent highway averages, once the summer truly hits, in excess of 52 mpg on a daily basis. A total round trip to work today costs me, on a very conservative estimate, $6.00.

I cannot imagine how my co-workers owning 16mpg, SUV's so large, I cannot see beyond them to back out of my parking space at work are managing cost wise now, much less come the increases that are sure to happen this summer. I do my best when they complain, not to respond that it is their own stupidity that costs them, their Fox news, oil company propaganda inspired belief in "drill baby drill" Republicanism that soon will force them to be trapped inside their underwater MacMansions, staring at their immovable Dodge, Hemi, SUV in the driveway. Stupidity kills both animals in the wild and societies who lose decades refusing to change...wait until we can no longer afford to even bid against the Chinese for what oil is still available---won't that be nice since we have no national plan---no government that works---and a stupid public.
Do you have a personal plan?
I plan that I can economically continue commuting until gas reaches $8.00 pg in my current manner, with my Prius--once gasoline reaches $8.00 per gallon, I will drive my 22mpg, VW camper into work on Mondays---camp out at work during the week, stealing power and water from my employer, and drive Friday to spend the weekends at home, repeating the process again every Monday. When driving 38 miles twice a week becomes unaffordable, this will bring about retirement--which would, under these conditions, become the economically more viable option..ride our bicycles, (I also have a 3rd bicycle store for sale/trade) and/or my Segway when necessary, or as transportation to part time work in the town i reside in. Do you have a plan for $8.00 a gallon gasoline---or do you prefer sound bites?

The 2012 Urban gardening plan is displayed below--these are real photographs facing from the house to the back of the lot. The first photo below displays our attempt at fighting climate change in our area by building individual garden boxes that are, higher walled and with PVC tubing to be used for support for greenhouse shade cloth coverings. The boxes are lined with plastic to attempt to help hold moisture for as long as possible but do also contain drain holes. This photo displays the left side of the rear portion of the lot.

The photograph below displays the right side of the rear of the lot. To the far right you can observe one large garden box that runs three quarters of the length of the backyard. This area also has overhead supports for shade cloth....and at the front right is our greenhouse.

We are attempting this year to honestly confront the climate change increase in temperatures, wind, and the reduction in rainfall in our area of New Mexico with our urban garden plan for feeding ourselves. This combination of confrontations---the climate change factor and the upcoming failure of society requires individuals to become both ingenious and self reliant.... The importance of being able to feed yourself in the upcoming years against any odds, is your most important issue. I will re-photograph these areas once we are into the actual growing season and provide information on the results----Feed yourself for no one else will. Feed yourself and be free.

As I start work on this blog, Sunday 03-25-12, it's been announced that Dick Cheney has undergone a heart transplant...
The donor species is as of yet unknown--I can only hope that there is something to the notion, often used as a poor plot line in B grade horror movies, that transplanted parts change the recipient---in this case, whatever changes that would occur, from whoever donated this organ, would be a change for the better in the heart of this man. We all know why his issued heart was dead.

This week i ordered several items---two of the below Boker Magnum, Damascus with black bone slabs, folding pocket knives. One as a gift for a retiring co-worker and one for me...since by the time I get to retire there will be none at work who care, so I gifted myself....

The second item is a cheap, fold into a small pocket, Anorak for carriage in my daily EDC pack, as emergency protection from the elements especially during the coming summertime. I chose black since the goal with this item would be to attempt to warm up on an emergency basis in the desert...or to provide warmth while escaping and evading during darkness.
Lastly, a black on white Shermagh for the upcoming windy season here in New Mexico. It is already hot, way above average for this time of year, and I expect the windy season to be extremely hot and other Shermagh's are dark for use as scarfs in the winter...I am hoping this version helps me escape the sun as necessary.... going on, or into the EDC pack.

"Everything happens to everybody sooner or later if there is time enough".
George Bernard Shaw

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David Scott said...

Roberts was asked about his possible prejudice against the healthcare bill. He didn't see any. Surprise surprise.

My wife and I frequently disagree about conservation not because of the need to rather feeling limited by economic nessity. One reason I choose the truck,I did was the fuel economy was reportedly to be pretty good. Since I plan my trips to maximize economy I am still working on the first 15 gallon tank.

I envy your food production but fear that you might be missing the point. You can live on limited food supplies or even no food for a week or two. But, you can't live without water for more tha a week at best and in the SW where we live you might not make the day.

I have talked with my kids and wife if it gets bad enough don't wait until the exits are blocked at the state borders to stop refugees from crossing into their state stressing out their resources. Make a plan on what to do when you need to just standup and walk away.