Monday, February 20, 2012

The only news source I use any longer is the BBC radio over my computer. American radio and broadcast news makes me projectile vomit when i am exposed to it.
This past week BBC radio did an extended report on poverty in America, and what i found extremely fascinating was their interview with a spokesman for the Heritage Foundation, a conservative American think tank with great political power.
The Heritage Foundation spin doctor tried to brush off the evidence of widespread American poverty examined by the BBC as all dopers and losers and the BBC reporter would have none of it..... She refused to accept the doctored figures he kept throwing was refreshing to compared to our own culture's 3rd estate, the bought and paid for press lapdogs. I was also amazed at the complete lack of empathy for regular humans forced into poverty on the part of the Heritage Foundation's representative--although i expected it--it was still so disturbing, so awfully disturbing to hear it....
we are so lost.

How long can we keep the Imperial Scam of bringing democracy to Afghanistan up in the face of the widespread, death to America rioting this week, across this insane, supposed, conquest of ours. What i find amazing is the accepted method that news agencies cloyingly report "deaths of coalition or Nato forces" at the hands of Afghan security forces, when there is no coalition--and of course it is Americans that are killed by our allies? But it sounds better to our fat, stupid public, doesn't it?
We finally wised up about Iraq--and are now allowing them to destroy themselves---when the fuck will we just realize that the entire mid-eastern culture, led by the Afghans and the Iranians will destroy themselves while flies infect their children's eyes, while they brutalize their women,

Our local climatic conditions here in Southern New Mexico have become insane---radical temperature swings, a complete lack of moisture, during what is considered the rainy season of the year, and spring like conditions in February. I can only imagine the affect on the natural plant cycles and the local wildlife....We are doing what we can to face the upcoming spring and summer...which is projected to be extremely hot with daily winds of 30-40mph....We are completely enclosing our gardens in high walled boxes with integral irrigation, and thankfully we have our VW camper (see previous postings) to personally escape the coming heat, on weekends, by fleeing to the mountains 1 & 1/2 hours away? This escape is of course predicated on gasoline prices remaining somewhat affordable---which in and of itself can be wishful thinking.
I have this vision of having to wear my Shemagh and combat goggles 14 hours a day this summer...just to survive being outside...
Luckily, the Republican Party and their Right Wing Religious Taliban tells me there is nothing to worry about, according to them there is no climate change.......

Breaker Morant an outstanding film based upon real life, beautifully filmed and expertly written.
Breaker Morant tells the story of an Australian Poet and Horseman who joining the Australian Calvary during the Boer War becomes the victim of a new style of warfare, British prejudice against colonials, and governmental scapegoating on official policies.
The film produces an outstanding texture of the locale, the equipment and conditions the Boer War was fought under during the guerrilla phase.
You have to love a man who, when facing a firing squad, as his last words shouts out
"Shoot straight you army bastards."

My new Everyday carry knife. The Tom Brown Tracker 2 displayed below......

3 & 1/2 inch blade, 9 & 1/2 inches overall, with a powder coated blade, grey micarta slabs and designed to be carried horizontally on the belt in the small of the back area. One may remember this original knife from a B movie titled THE HUNTED. This particular model is smaller than the movie knife allowing for easier concealment and carriage. The history of this knife however is unimportant...I purchased this particular tool feeling that I needed a larger knife to carry on me where a firearm is prohibited.
I am not at all uncomfortable utilizing a knife as a primary defensive weapon and actually prefer being armed with a knife in many circumstances. I have until this point kept the majority of my blades length near 2.88 inches for utility use and to avoid a negative public perception.

The knife ships with a plain, Kydex sheath designed for the horizontal, small of the back carry, which i must admit when worn can hurt when sitting-- but I have discovered an aftermarket supplier of leather sheaths for this knife and I may acquire--the model displayed above to complete the carry system and make this system more comfortable.

When Injustice becomes Law
Resistance becomes duty

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David Scott said...

Bro. You are never so more right about the news media both print and audio/video. With the slow aquistion of major makrets by corprations with an agenda there is not much hope for getting in depth knowledgable articles.
That is with one exception and that is NPR and PBS both of which I listen to BBC on as well as what I consider un-baised reporting.
Even so they have on occasion noted that mangement has limited their reporting for fear of offending donanors.
So I Read, listen discount have of it realize that half again is misleading and take the basic story or event that has been put on the list to be presented as a fog fact as what needs to be researched.
If you wait until the goverment officials to tell you there is a problem then you have waited to long.
I dig the knife and always carry one on me as my Dad taught me in my right pocket for easy access.