Sunday, February 05, 2012

Banking scum are forced to give all of $2,000 dollars to individuals they illegally foreclosed on as a settlement and this is claimed to be a huge step in justice for the common citizen....small drops in unemployment and short term rises in the elitist stock market are claimed as indicators on a recovery for the entire economy. Insanity over the pretend election dominates what once was called the news. The European economy very well may crash at any moment...
The only truly good indicators are the pending forced reductions in our military-industrial complex, our retreat from overseas empire creation in running away from Iraq and Afghanistan---and our refusal so far to beat the war drum against Iran...meanwhile the only active economics i see passing during my daily commute consists of payday loan offices and re-sale shops while the elites trade paper and make money on Greek Banking futures.
Hang onto your money, maintain what you have, garden, become as self-sufficient as you can, refuse to listen to what is broadcasted at you for it is lies and above all do not believe them no matter how much you would like to. We the common citizen and our needs are unimportant to them. We now only have each other.

Republican candidates are spending this week at their CPAC conservative convention in Washington DC. Attempting to convince the billion/millionaires who support and more importantly, donate incredible amounts of money to them, as to which---rich, white guy candidate hates the poor the most, which one will cut taxes on the rich the most, who hates gays and which one wants to control women's vagina's the most----I cannot believe that this clown show is still considered a political party. The Republican party is a cult--a cult that has developed a doctrine stranger than Scientology.

Photographs of my recently acquired Star model S .380 pistol. One of the few advantages of being an OCD individual is enjoying a restoration project such as this...the Photo above displays the results of detail stripping, cleaning, cold bluing and the installation of new grip panels on this 40 year old pistol. The below photo shows the pistol displayed with my Suunto digital watch so that you can see how pleased I am with the small size and width of this pistol for everyday carry use. The arrival of a spare magazine and holster complete this project and I am now carrying this pistol daily. There is a very fulfilling feeling involved in a project such as this....obtaining an item that many would have considered to be without value, and restoring not only the physical item but restoring value and use to that item as well. The Star model S has been used throughout the world and was the official sidearm of the Spanish Foreign Legion. It pleases me to put it to use.

"Let there be work, bread, water and salt for all."
Nelson Mandela

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David Scott said...

I have never figured out how they make money on nothing. It's like the salesman who sold the king his new suit of invisible clothes.
Top notch on the pistol. Acquiring a few weapons is something I intend to do but can't seem to quite get around to it.