Monday, February 15, 2010

Practicing the Bass, sketching, sleeping, cleaning, trying to stay centered, watching movies, posting sketches to Flickr....

This week---watching: ZombieLand, Outpost, Carriers
reading: Out of control by Kevin Kelly
Listening to: Bob Marley collection

The super bowl is gay--I always knew this.

How to live really on the cheap...but good ideas

This guy is simply great you have to see and hear him.

I just love it when James Kunstler gets all wound up---this is worth reading:

There was an interesting article on the BBC service (link below) where the big ole brains of British business are saying no more oil in 5 years and get ready for it. Now these guys are the movers and shakers of Great Britain, which is pretty much like claiming to be the wind surfing champion of the Sudan---but still they are way smarter and can stand more upright than our Congressmen and Senators--these guys advise that the world wide depression bought us this amount of time--otherwise it could be difficult right now? The problem is no one really knows for sure.
Investing in a hybrid vehicle is a no brainer. It is the smart thing to do----Idiots at work give me trouble about my Prius since gas prices have been holding steady here at about $2.69 a gallon. I commute 76 miles per day=380+ miles per week and my gas cost is running about $15.00 a week. This past week I had one of my best commute weeks ever and my Prius is sitting in the driveway with a weekly average showing 59.2 miles per gallon.When you cannot either get gas or afford it----I'll be driving---and you can thank your own idiocy, the Bush's, the Saudis and Haliburton for your sore feet & empty belly.

I love photographic evidence of my theories being validated.
Above and below are cellphone photos of supermarkets in Washington DC prior to and during the "Big Snow". Keep in mind the results shown in the photo's are from simply a heavy snowfall...nothing frighteningly-dangerously outside the norm such as the collapse of the economy, a 1918 type flu epidemic or the election of Sara Palin....

This is the reasoning behind my food storage desires & capability. Supermarkets keep basically their entire stock timed for a normal 3 days of consumer shopping. Once this basic stock is gone there's nothing in the back room. Rather disconcerting how stripped out the place is eh?
Stockpile food and water--DHS has been advising since Katrina--that there will be no one to save you, but you. Keep a reasonable amount of cash in the house, some sort of alternative cooling and heating capability coupled with emergency power source and medical supplies. Never let your vehicle get below half a tank of gasoline. But most of all stockpile food and water.
An emergency is a situation which poses an immediate risk to health, life, property or environment. Immediate is the key word here. An immediate emergency is not the time to play preparedness catch up. Way too late then as these shelves show. Procrastinate and you'll be out there---amongst the zombies fighting for the last container of ice cream on the shelf.....

The Palin's, the story(curse?) never ends. Let's see for this week---Her daughter bitches about child support---REDNECK.
Momma Palin bitches about being picked over on the TV show family guy for having an oil slick in her gene pool--REDNECK. Then the Down Syndrome actress playing her kid in the family guy show---- bitch slaps her down publicly. Perilously REDNECK.

Vin Diesel has recently signed to do a third Riddick film. The Internet information all points to this new movie as being more of a Pitch Black type and style of film rather than the last movie Chronicles.
Pitch Black was one of the sleeper SF movies of a lifetime--it was perfect...I hope a for a small budget this tends to make films more focused.

Since it appears as if the home business plan did not include a Ducati in our output funding projections------ I've turned to collecting 1/12th scale motorcycles for display in the nerd cave....
Weak, extremely weak, actually less than weak-- but what else can one do?
I've never done this type of vehicle collecting before and I am amazed at the detail and accuracy of these 1/12th scale motorcycles. They allow one to sit, stare and imagine.

I have become an expert at doing nothing. In the past month I have literally lived in my nerd cave --- pretty much doing nothing. I've been smoking allot, drinking coffee, sleeping, not eating too well, Outfit of the day is jeans, T-shirt and bathrobe--all several days old----computing, reading, napping, sketching. But nothing of any consequence. I am forced out to go to work but other than that....I've been hermitted to the nerd cave. I console myself by thinking that i am "taking a break"...from the world at large?

Old age is an excellent time for outrage. My goal is to say or do at least one outrageous thing every week.
Louis Kronenberger

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