Sunday, September 13, 2009

Well I am totally apologizing to my wife---there was a demon squirrel----(read about the was part below) and she was absolutely correct----(completely unforced testimonial and apology after a short waterboarding session)........thereby forcing a small newsy blog in mid week...........covering only the demon squirrel and the 9-12 teabagger march---a match made in heaven as far as i am concerned.
Only in America can you assemble 10,000 idiots to march on the capitol without any type of actual purpose. There is an excellent photo set on Flickr taken of the 9/12 marchers, their signs and demands ranging from the every popular birth certificate bozo---to fat guys in revolutionary war outfits carrying no to socialism signs... My personal favorite is the rednecks----in lawn chairs------in the pickup truck bed---- covered with the stars and bars....How cute!......If you were worried that the neighborhood crazy cat lady had died cause you hadn't seen her lately---she was probably in DC at this marching thing.....This is the public that bothers me...the abject stupidity, the no thought required philosophy covered by patriotism. I am at least glad that they are out in public to scare the moderates into voting democratic. Take a moment to view the photo's on the link below, it will alternately scare you and have you laughing your ass off....

He is an Un-Demon Squirrel. As of yesterday. Yes, he did indeed exist and I owe my wife many, many apologies...and yes he was definitely a demon. I watched his little angry face search for my wife on the patio, through my scope...before.....well, before he was reborn to a nice squirrel momma in Central Park. As soon as i observed his demonises in the pecan tree I knew I was going to have to pay a price for all the Yeti Squirrel jokes I've been using on my wife....the squirrel was definitely there and I have to admit he was definitely large, demon like, and obviously Territorial about this tree. That much you could tell immediately.
My new air rifle worked perfectly, powerfully and the demon squirrel felt no pain. Of course there are two bad parts to of all this.....first, I have now gotten deeply into air rifles....and am dreaming of owning one of those expensive, German designed and manufactured, Olympic fiction type air rifles....the second is that from this point on if my wife thinks she sees Bigfoot in the backyard I am required to agree with her.

If you want to fight terrorism, buy hyrid cars and solar panels.

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