Monday, September 07, 2009

The Labor day holiday is about done for. I just wish the back to work element wasn't part of every holiday. Quiet and restful for me was the holiday...slept some, accomplished a few things around the house, not as much as I would have liked to but isn't that always the case? We did acquire a big new piece of equipment, over the holiday for the homestead described below which will be a major step forward to our goal of homestead independence and righteous living. We just don't do the things regular Americans do over a weekend holiday...we are too strange...

It has now been four days without a demon squirrel sighting. This demon squirrel may be my wife's own Herman Melville, Captain Ahab style White Whale weirdness kinda thing...while JoJo was visiting her sister over Labor Day in Denver I sat in the back yard and attempted to gain intelligence on the demon squirrel prior to the beginning of the hunt...absolutely no success. I never saw him at all..In fact I never have actually seen him, depending instead on the very angry wife's reports of demon style squirrel behavior from the pecan tree....No demon threw nuts or taunted me while I sat in the back yard intently watching the pecan tree as if I was Val Kilmer in the Ghost and the Darkness....
UPS will deliver my new air rifle tomorrow, the battle between good and evil was set to begin and the enemy has fled the field?
I will have steeled myself with my own Internet Holy Air Rifle of Antioch against the Demon Squirrel and then like the Loch Ness Monster, Hogzilla, Big Foot or Yeti, my enemy disappears into the mists of popular culture? I don't even have a shaky Video of the Demon Squirrel to show on a discovery channel special....what a bitch. But I've got a really cool air rifle to show for it.

This Labor Day weekend my JoJo purchased a recumbent bike with dog trailer. She has wanted a recumbent bicycle for a long, long, time and Loves it. She takes the dogs everyday to the park and now she can do it by recumbent towing them in their own little trailer...oil free. Besides the obvious techno coolness of this device we now have some incredible advantages for the future. JoJo's new recumbent bike combined with my Segway means we both have viable, non-oil dependent, vehicles for local transportation.
Our two oil free vehicles are capable of transporting supplies as well as the rider. Although we specifically chose our little homestead location in a smaller town's older neighborhood, which is close to a viable downtown with services and supplies...( for the future as we age, and for the possibility of peak oil ) The ability to access any location within the city limits without a car is an advantage and a security blanket against Peak Oil. If you believe that the current low prices on gasoline and other oil based products will be forever then you are too stupid to live anyway. If you are a "drill baby drill" believer there is nothing I can do for you...With the acquisition of the recumbent bike there is the possibility that we may, in the future reduce down to one automobile, our Prius. If we can, and of course we do not know for sure, but if we commit to only the Prius as our car, then our gasoline consumption will be approximately $21.00 per week---which includes a 5 day a week, 68 mile r/t working commute for me with additional, varying, daily work required mileage. At the current price level of gasoline this would mean $84.00 per month. Our goal is to make the Bush's and the Saudis sleep under an overpass in L.A. and push a shopping cart down the street collecting cans. If you click on the following reuters news link you'll understand the way the Saudis see us.

Try to be nice to everyone on the phone. Go to a park.

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