Sunday, July 20, 2008

What a "lazy lima bean" i have been-- again...I have no excuses but I have discovered possibly a reason based on this article on brain fatigue----and the human body--interesting---or at least a scientific excuse for doing nothing sometimes-

My Segway HT is on the way---fed-ex'd out of the dealer upstate today and arrival in 4 days. I am lucky in that i

apparently purchased just prior to the tidal wave of orders that has hit the company.....from this point in time onward there will be i am led to believe quite a waiting process to obtain one....It is a bit worrying that i am going to have to train myself to ride--due to my distance from the dealer and my inability to get away from multiple projects we have in motion at the art colony right now...
"any brain damage from the segway accident?---eh...none that i can see".
I mentally refer to supportive facts such as---- there's a training dvd, thousands of people have ridden them, the disabled use them--- blahblah--woofwoofwoof-- and if i cannot get a handle on operating this instrument i should not be allowed in public at all since i am now an aged danger to society at large. Receiving the HT is the culumination of a long personal process, of evolving as a responsible human.... changing my demands on the world, how i inter relate with consumerism, how i envision the i see myself in my later years----there are multiple reasoning's and serious multi-levels to everything lying beneath any item...I've designed my riding ensemble' which includes my beret and Chronicles of Riddick sunglasses coupled with my new small computer bag---combine all this to an old fat guy on a segway....this is what happens when one is raised without good social skills
Back in the now somewhat...I admit it has been strange the past 3 weeks--- I'd been wandering disconnected---as if there has been some lost to modern science, evil, Mayan alignment of the planets occurring...but it's been truly weird out there amongst people....This planetary weirdness has even touched my smartphone---it began randomly calling individuals on my contact list without my knowledge--and allowing them to listen in on what i am doing---"how weird is that MAL?" My scientific brain advises that i am somehow activating the phone physically. The weird Mayan side of my brain whispers that behind this is the work of the creature that makes trophy's of men...... I seem to be relating better and am more active involved in what is happening around me--minor achievements are a good sign that perhaps the astrological disruption has passed?

Thru Chaos comes success, i hope...we have begun the rehabbing the kitchen in our cottage. All is in disruption--- the supplies are here with the exception of the new cabinets which are in route...One tends to forget that tearing walls out of an old house means plaster dust in your bed, no matter how well you seal off the work area.... the kitchen project is to be followed by the rebuild of the back porch and then version 3.0 the garage into a studio and then theoretically the property is complete to our requirements. Right now we are deep in Chaos but hopefully this will pass as the new construction takes place...many projects are seemingly on hold awaiting their natural turn to be processed...We have planted trees, and we have completed purchasing, vacuum sealing and storing seeds for next year's growing season. We fill time composting, and designing our future gardening areas since we can do little else right solar panels are still boxed in the garage but as soon as the exterior work on the outbuildings is completed i plan on putting them in place...i'm now allowing myself the luxury of thinking on how life will be once the construction of our personal art colony is complete...i can see it but not yet feel it...i am hoping, visualizing, and dreaming of great things to come.
It has been a long time since i found anything interesting to write about in the watch world---but this digital rascal made me focus like i was a baboon staring at a shiny object-- the SPACE WATCH---i love the design--but have to admit that a request for the current time, by a stranger, if i was wearing this would cause me to scrunch up my eyes and have to perform calculations in my frontal lobe prior to answering "it's uh 11:05----i think?"---still---we sometimes must give up comfort for a mucho coolio design factor...the manufacturer advises the watch will work for 50 years and that the structure of the watch is designed for human wrist--eye natural coordination---i like it simply cause it's strange, big,and has alot of activity going on--
My only other watch related concept at the moment is to discover what watch Mulder is wearing in the new X-FILES movie....Time was always a very important element in the X-FILES plot line in one way or another and watches were constantly displayed---a dress Omega was Mulder's watch in the series and first X-FILES movie, perfectly fitting for an FBI agent---i am interested to see if the Omega tradition holds or there is a switch to something new on Mulder's wrist...since i've read that in the new film Mulder has become somewhat of a unabomber recluse in the passing years only to be pulled from a hermit like existence to assist in this plot line......a movie needs a cool watch on the main character.

Join internet chats on subjects of interest to you---make a small useful item for the house out of common materials---read a book on a subject that has never interested you---- for just plain fun learn one new skill a year (it does not have to be usable--one year i taught myself how to juggle) disregard the news completely, do art of any kind or quality. Have a good laugh to rest your brain--- watch Will Farrell in Talladega Nights--the ballad of Ricky Bobby....great laughs and lots of brain rest......

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