Saturday, June 14, 2008

We are somewhere near the middle of our personal transition from big footprint--big living to small footprint--quality living. I simply cannot believe that actually thinking in regards to the world around us, meant that we are ahead of the social capital graph curve in regards to debt, housing and transportation. Even though I feel as if my wife and I have quite a distance in this project yet to go....we are far in advance of where i thought we would be right now....I must have had 4 people asking to commute into work with me in my prius this week. I am going to start commuting in with a rider, a fellow worker who'll split the gas cost---reducing my cost for a 368 mile weekly commute down to about 11.00 a week....When i purchased this vehicle 14 months ago i was, in most people eyes, just a strange eco-geek like creature who thought too much. It is no coincidence to me that the individuals who are today trapped in debt going broke driving unsaleable SUV's their unsellable houses on the market, these people also supported the war in Iraq, stopped thinking, voted Republican and forgot what is right...this process produces consistent results you know? Most in our society have done nothing about downsizing--- nothing about taking control of their existence---eliminating their debt, asking the hard questions of their leadership--they still rely on false you remember Bush verbally hammering a reporter who simply asked in a press conference if there was a plan for a price rise to 4.00 a gallon gasoline? Bush hammered the poor guy--tried to make him look like a jerk---whose the jerk now---and he just gave a measly 30 million for hybrid vehicle research?? This is a joke of a policy, a joke of a culture. WAKE UP!! Take back control of your mind and your life...................................................I got one! Thanks to the best wife in the world..a segway i2, in black,lean steer technology, state of the art batteries, delivery in early July...i am beside was so important to me, the principle of the thing--- to have a viable form of electric transportation even if range is limited to 20 basically tell the Republicans and the Saudi's to BITE ME! I'm electric---although their grubby hands are still in my pocket for 11.00 aweek in gas--it's over soon--time for a real job you guys.. it's important to show that a change in mindset and appropriate technology can change the world.

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