Saturday, June 28, 2008

Made it across the time-space bend of business travel last week...against all odds i actually got where i was going and back again..which was a decided improvement over the last business trip i took. Our air transportation system is now a concept which can be stated as---"ya pay yur money, and take yur chances" ah-yes republican deregulation of the air carrier industry has worked sooooo well--as with so many items within our culture now, nothing actually gets fixed in the airline industry---by traveling in the air carrier system one is deep in chaos theory.....random events makes it work or not for the customer...nonetheless here i am. This trip i realized there is a Moore's Law for carry on luggage--other peoples carry on luggage appears to get bigger every time i fly...i am a check one bag, carry only a briefcase onboard kinda guy-- that is what the system is/was designed for.. i am such a minority now---the standard, is unfortunately,--a great,huge, real suitcase disguised as carry on--and these super sized carry ons are toted by the pure shit category of passenger... like grandma has such an important meeting to get to she can't be held up at baggage claim? Ah well i am getting more and more used to surviving in a 3rd world organizational environment for business travel that i only notice a successful trip now..and this is the best it is ever going to be.
This one you'll love--a pilot would not fly, the flight was cancelled because he was upset about his HAT--yes his hat.

"The very existence of flame throwers proves that some time, somewhere, someone said to themselves, 'You know, I want to set those people over there on fire, but I'm just not close enough to get the job done."-------george carlin
The death of George Carlin has depressed me so. One's path in life is lit at odd moments by the brilliance of only a few people and he was one for me. I considered him a philosopher that made you laugh, not a comedian. Laughing was not the point with him, thinking was. Carlin got fired from a job in las vegas once by telling a casino audience---
"People who go to Las Vegas, you've got to question their fucking intellect to start with. Traveling hundreds and thousands of miles to essentially give your money to a large corporation is kind of fucking moronic. That's what I'm always getting here is these kind of fucking people with very limited intellects."
How about that eh? I will miss him greatly.
Suddenly there is a rash of articles in general print and tv news on the segway. The spin on these articles is now that the segway Human Transporter is a viable idea??? The media and standard human shitheads have been hammering the segway for years screaming dork and nerd at anyone utilizing one. Now with $5.00 a gallon gas approaching they appreciate the concept...Inventors and their supports the early adopters must be destined to face this....over and over and over again..through history and through life. One percent of the human race does the thinking for the masses. While the masses scream dork....

I've entered a new area for me---the smart wife, do i love her, got me a HTC Mogul smartphone recently...i've loaded it with my phone book, set up the software for the phone with the laptop and now i am just awaiting the activation of my phone Internet service---aha! Soon i hope to understand the fascination the Japanese have with this style of mobile phone tech. On first impression my mojo is impression with the switchblade like sliding keyboard it is like instant transformation from phone to ultra small laptop. I'll let you know how this new step for me works out.

Shit, you know this anti-smoking vendetta has gone too far when the Dutch are policing hash cafes in Amsterdam to make sure that people are only smoking weed, and not violating the EU ruling on no smoking of the demon cigarettes in public places...unbelievable....
This i really,really love. A French artist who specializes in transforming ugly industrial architecture into art...making the nearby residents view out their windows a bit more human..this is so very where i think we should go
Continuing to keep my paranoid eye on the dick cheney's of the oil world--the northeast consumer had better brace themselves for the upcoming price of heating oil...many people in the northeast are going to see their heating costs double. Plus the human race is starting to figure out their bullshit--we are working hard for you--and please forgive our lining our pockets at the expense of your life----tv ads. Ok--we're busy working on the housing upgrades--planted 5 more trees this week and that really,really feels so good-remoding a shed to store the segway for easy get on an go--new floor in the nerd cave,sweeping the porches. Who knows---someday we may even get done.
take care, do good things with your life, think, fight the republican future, write, do art....

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