Saturday, January 24, 2009

This past week I've been working on my personal carry kit. Cleaning/organizing MY STUFF-- My backpack, the items i carry in my pockets,my watches, my phone, my pocket knives, the stuff well---on my daily travel to work and just around. The insane thing about the Internet is that where once i thought i was alone in this strangeness of mine---the web proves that although you may be strange you are without a doubt----not alone---the links below are just a few of the flickr groups that I've found on the subject of stuff that people carry around with them, and their ongoing quest for improvement of these items and their usefulness.
It may be the temper of the times---the constant talk of economic depression--that has led me to be even more focused on having small, easily transportable elements of what i consider to be civilization with me and available for use at all times..then what i normally am.....for me there is a
calming effect of needing something and having it there right now....a Swiss army knife tool--a book when forced to wait--extra cigarettes---aspirin---pens and notebook for those genius concepts that come and go---i want to have what i need when i need it and the smaller and more trick the better---the most recent acquisition was the survival kit in a can displayed in the photo above---it holds about 15 items and weighs practically nothing---there is a strange logic interlocking my hybrid car, my segway, my solar panels, my small house, my square foot gardening and my constant carrying of this type of stuff----there are times when i wish i had a folding psychiatrist in my bug out bag....
The most amazing piece of news surrounding the inauguration was the under reported fact that with a crowd estimated at over 1 million people there was not a single arrest..nor a single problem. Who says we as a society cannot change?
Our hard fought freedom from the fear mongering, Republican Philosophy will make us a better society..

Organize your small things--clean one item really well and step back and just look at it for awhile....say thank you to the UPS not get so caught up in your own world you cannot see the world around you....people who are a pain in the ass are put on earth to teach you..... Patience...

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