Saturday, March 31, 2007

at 55 i am happily aging into the typical, victorian character of the eccentric "gentleman scientist". Surrounded by mostly non-functional experiments in solar power, broken laptops, books-books and more books on alternative architecture, cyberpunk, post-cyberpunk, futurism, japanese modern culture, robot contruction,computer science, creative utopias, modern design and art of all forms. i have no commerical television, but i do have stacks of moleskin notebooks with to do lists, the complete 9 years of the x-files on dvd...a 1976 Land Rover that runs "sometimes"---a robosapien i'm trying to reprogram into a bodyguard---as well as a beginer's collection of "non-pervy" anime (an art form i am studying). I am a non-repentant smoker & liberal, an addicted listner to NPR...i need this place to organize my thoughts, visualize my interests and practice graphic design.

i keep multiple books in the reading process at one time--often on completely differing subjects. i realize this dismay's some individuals. i have books ongoing in the messenger bag, the bathroom, the office, the's what i am reading at the moment: market forces by richard k. morgan a post cyberpunk novel by one of my favorite authors---involving gobal corporations where the executives advance by personal combat--a world of haves and have-nots offically sanctioned..where conflict opportunities in other countries are worked like mergers, and the cia is now a private company specializing in contract killings--- if you enjoy the bizarre world of cyberpunk or post cyberpunk, you'll like this....beware of my recommendations unless you have an open mind......

running concurrently with market forces is a book i am hacking my way through bit by bit....i like to have one book in operation that is extremely tough for me to get through and this fits the bill. the singularity is near, by ray kurzweil.... non-fiction futurism, the basic premise is that by 2045 tech and biology with blend in the average human...that this is a normal pathway for human evolution..for the species to transend biology..this is a tough read..but full of gems for my notebooks and the average quantum computing power of a rock??....this is an excellent book to take your time with not trying to understand everything but understanding what you can about blending humans and technology as one. running concurrently with these two are two other books: x-treme possibilities, an examination of the first 4 years of the x-files and 2012 a book on the mayan end of the universe....see what i mean?

how do people live without moleskin notebooks? right now one of mine is lying next to my keyboard---i carry several about at all times...writing down words that i hear that appeal to me, terms, titles, ideas, concepts, to do,should do, oughta do, wanta do lists of all types---up till now i have refrained from sketching/drawing to illustrate my idea's...but as i get older i get less self-involved--so recently i ordered three sets of professional manga markers to carry about with me and sketch the world about me. blacks-grays-and terracotta's--i guess that's how i see my world--in those colors..if you have never considered the joys of carrying a viable notebook around the world with you go here----for information and here

i believe that i often display symptoms of aspergers (- in a constant overwhelming urge to organize my home--today i am creating jobs and enjoying writing them down and crossing them off as completed. Small tiny jobs of cleaning or organizing that to me add creating the world i wish to exist in...

I often run thought experiments on different matters and my most recent thought experiment revolves on how the world is so awash in confusion that there no longer appears to be a viable method to deal with reality.
We are over exposed to data not of our choice; we have too much to pay attention to, too many details to contend with.
The control element, centralized government, is so corrupted by stupidity its sole purpose is to sit in the corner and practice self abuse through bureaucracy.
Since confusion apparently cannot be controlled or brought down to a livable level society therefore is through confusion consuming itself….
I believe that human society at this point in time can be compared to a mountain climber at altitude.
At a specific climbing height on Mt. Everest a climber enters the dead zone—where the climbers body due to lack of oxygen literally begins to consume itself to stay alive…the climber will die if they remain at that altitude….
Today’s societies are at altitude—
Like that climber who is so disorientated that they cannot move themselves to descend to safety. Our societies are self consuming by refusing to focus—refusing to plan—to think or agree on an agenda of where the tribe wishes to go. So we sit at altitude and self consume vital energies till death overtakes us.
Is the future to be a condition where we have two hundred fox news channels and no health care? Where Ana Nichole Smith is a hero and mathematicians cannot find employment? Where corporate security mercenaries determine infrastructure?

When a society ceases to be able to provide infrastructure it is no longer a society it is merely a mob.
Infrastructure is the key representative element, the report card of a society—we seem to have forgotten that. The great societies of the past we remember due to their infrastructure, elements of which survived through time and the "dark ages" we remember for the lack of infrastructure!
Living wage jobs, health care, livable housing zones, public works, a commonality of direction are what a society is judged by…Lack of will, lack of direction and especially lack of leadership is what prevents this---the drive and desire for quick profit at any human expense—the corruption of public service all lead to slum cities, zero public infrastructure and the destruction of human social capital, regardless of the technological achievements.

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David Scott said...

I have been going back through you previous post gleaming the idvidual if you will.
dated back in March of 07 I was moved by your comment of society responsiblity on supporting infrastructure.
As a public works inspector of construction for 41 years I saw the movement away from affordable housing to MacMansions, failure to rebuild or maintain our water, sanitary sewer or power grids combined that with th number of bridges I personally will not drive on due to what I know.
The appeal to our base values of greed and nameless fears by conservitive despot of the ariways and republican front persons.
Bottom line we have noone to blame but ourself and it is time to take control of our lives.
I could began ranting and raving but I would run of space here. Keep up the good work.
Just let me say this when I was a inspector and I would have three or four individuals standing in my space yelling at me at what a fuck up I was how they were no way going to do as I instructed them. I just smiled for I knew they would.
When ask by other jr. inspectors how I maintained my cool I would respond First prepration double check yourself know you are right. Then never let them see you sweat or loose your cool. Just take satisfaction in knowing your will get your way.
This is much like what you are doing based on what I have read. YOur research follwoed by thinking it out, then acting on what your believe. Finally don't give a dam what other people think. What is valid is what you know to be true.